Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker

Chris Rock’s Bigger and Blacker is a very important composition. Whether Rock himself would acknowledge it, the observations he makes in the performance are poignant. His performance is worth watching not only for its entertainment value but also because the ideas are worth considering, even if they are ultimately to be rejected.

A caveat that transcends this: Rock’s ideas are in the world. He doesn’t get to reel them back in, but he also doesn’t own them. He can’t disavow the things he says, and even if he does, all that means is that he’s offering a new opinion on something… that he’s changed his mind. Others who may never have thought these things now may agree with them, even if Rock, the origin of the idea, now disagrees. The messenger and the message are different. (Portentious? Kill the Messenger is the title of a later Rock performance.)

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