Christians are hypocrites, but so what?

Voting for a political party and representing that party aren’t the same thing. “One time, I saw a Republican kick a dog.” This doesn’t mean the Republican platform is a bad thing. “George Bush kicked a dog.” This also doesn’t mean the Republican platform is a bad thing. However, to a great extent, Bush speaks for the Republican party, and some people will reject the Republican platform for such a canine-abusive indiscretion. So it’s probably better for the party if Bush doesn’t go around kicking dogs.

“George Bush voted to raise taxes.” This also doesn’t mean that the Republican party platform is a bad thing because raising taxes isn’t a part of that platform. As in the previous case, though, Bush speaks for the Republican party, and this act of tax raising is not consistent with that platform, and more than in the dog-kicking case, people may perceive a change in the platform itself because someone who represents that platform has done something inconsistent with it. People might reject the Republican platform because they either don’t like the new take on it, or they don’t like inherent conflict between the supposed platform and the actions of its representative.

Now suppose there is an immutable platform for another political party. Let us call this party “Christianity.” ‘Christians’ might be ‘voters’ and ‘Prophets’ might be representatives of this platform. All the time voters will be doing things that contradict the platform, yet when asked who they’d vote for, these people would still vote for Jesus Christ. People get confused that there is only one “Prophet” and that, as person X is concerned, he can’t contradict himself or betray the platform, because either he’s perfect, dead, or nonexistent, depending on person X’s perspective. All Christians are going to betray the platform. While this may very well mean they are full of crap, it doesn’t mean the platform is.

I think you have to trust that people are capable of distinguishing the two, the preponderance of evidence aside.

    • veronica
    • May 26th, 2010

    Well put.

  1. July 27th, 2010
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