Zero for Yahtzee

By swearing or saying racist things on your facebook profile, you’re probably never going to be President of the United States. This might seem a shame, but the likelihood that you’d have been in that job is extremely small, and when multiplied by the benefit of that position (if such a thing could be quantified), the benefit indulging yourself on facebook might actually exceed it. It’s like rolling 12356 in Yahtzee and you’ve already taken your Chance. You just go ahead and take a zero on the Yahtzee because it’s unlikely that, even if you took a zero somewhere else (or took a 1 in your ones), you’d get a Yahtzee… you’d more likely take a zero for Yahtzee anyway. That is, you’re probably going to take a zero for your “President of the United States” slot even if you don’t swear on facebook. You have to be careful, though… you’ll probably take a zero in something you do care about, and you might not even realize it.

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