The Problem With the Poor

In a post about the wonder of automotive transport, he comments on the wonder of the suburb:

Walkable neighborhoods are great, but affordable walkable neighborhoods attract poor people. A non-walkable neighborhood at least keeps out those who are too poor to own a car. People would rather give up having a walkable neighborhood in order to avoid living next door to poor people. The reason why the suburbs became the Big Thing was because the need for a car kept the poor people out.

You know, it’s entirely possible to go to prison and not get raped, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Living in a poor neighborhood is like prison in this regard. Your neighbors won’t necessarily rape you or steal your food, but it’s more likely than if you live in a suburb.

I guess I’m quite comfortable blaming the victim, and in this case, I think most people feel the same. If you live in a poor neighborhood and your car gets broken into or someone is selling drugs down the street, you should have known better than to live there.

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