Fabio Capello is badass and other World Cup liveblogging

I’m not much of a football soccer fan, but I must admit the World Cup has caught my attention. So I guess England has a pretty good team, and the US team is middling. In any case, whether the on-field teams are good or not, one thing we should all be able to agree upon is that England’s head coach, Fabio Capello, is totally badass. Qualifying: The man wears a Three Piece Suit while coaching.

I remember a few years ago when Jack Del Rio, the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, wanted to wear a suit while coaching actual football, and the NFL had to cut a special deal with Reebok to supply him a suit. That is totally cool. You might think Bill Belichick is the greatest coach ever, and that the way you look while coaching doesn’t matter at all. I don’t necessarily disagree, obviously the point  is to win the game, but Belichick looks like a slob in that hoodie.


Yeah, that’s not a three-piece suit; is it just a World Cup thing? I don’t have a good picture.


Also, what’s the deal with England’s head coach being not being English? Capello might be badass, but England = stains for not being able to find an adequate coach anywhere in the Kingdom.

Royal Bafokeng Stadium? That’s my phrase for the rest of the Cup! Ooh, England’s giving the US a Royal Bafokeng this afternoon. See what your mom knows about Royal Bafokeng… and tell her I said hi.

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