Limited Government

Is it reasonable to expect President Obama to blunt the impact of the oil spill? I contend that to blame him for bing unable to ‘handle this’ is absurd… not that it has anything to do with Barack Obama in particular. The power of government simply is unable to accomplish certain things, simply by the expenditure or force (or the expenditure of funds).

I think this position might be conveniently assumed by Obama’s supporters, since he clearly isn’t able to handle this… but this is in stark contrast to the expectations that people had of him (that he readily accepted and parleyed into the Presidency).

It’s been over two years since Barack Obama claimed that the oceans began to recede and the Earth began to heal. Clearly he (and the people that trusted in his ability to use the power of government) was mistaken.

Sure, I’m saying Obama is a failure, but he’s a failure at making good on an impossible claim (albeit one that he may not have been elected had he not made). Priorities, right?

UPDATE: John Stossel makes a similar point.

UPDATE: David Warren, as well. (HT: Russ Roberts)

UPDATE: Megan McArdle.

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