Missing the Point

Immigration: We should prevent Mexican immigration because our entitlements would be overwhelmed.
The problem is that we’re giving away free stuff arbitrarily. The problem isn’t that people are willing to take it.
Gay Marriage: People of the same sex should be allowed to marry each other because they should be able to avail themselves of the same contractual benefits that married people are.
The problem is that people are treated differently under the law based on their being married in the eyes of the state. Why else should anyone care if same-sex couples want to be together?
Medicare Reform: Old people vehemently oppose health care reform because their free stuff might go away.
The problem? Again, free stuff being given away. Of course people are going to take it. I’m done with commercials in which unnecessary electric wheelchairs and beds are sold to old people and are covered by Medicare.
It’s all good money after bad.
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