C&L weakly attempts to compare Helen Thomas’s indefensible comment about Jews leaving Israel to some innocuous babbling Ann Coulter did three years ago.
Helen Thomas is a respected journalist. Ann Coulter is not a journalist, and by no standard is she expected to be unbiased in her ‘reporting’ if one were to claim she were, in fact, a journalist.
Coulter, if respected at all, is so only by conservatives, and not at all taken seriously by individuals on the left.
Coulter made a statement about religious views, not a race. Religious views are under a person’s control, unlike one’s race, which was the nature of Thomas’s comment. Suggesting someone change their faith is common, and generally as easily dismissed as closing the front door on a Jehovah’s Witness. Suggesting a race of people leave their home and return to the countries where their forebears were ruthlessly murdered is hardly comparable.
Also, is calling someone a hypocrite even a thing anymore? Is it ninth grade again?
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