Hiding In Plain Sight

I just created a Grooveshark account, and at the outset, I included my email address and name. I will now proceed to make choices about the music I want to listen to… and by “I,” I mean, “the person that is using the account.”

And I imagine my preferences will be sold, and if they aren’t, it’s because there’s no money in it. And the marketing will reflect my preferences and the sort of music I listen to. And the total of all the things I’ve written and said and thought and preferred and subscribed to and considered could be used to develop an ever-increasingly accurate profile of the way I am and the things I could be sold and the things I could be predicted to do, and if these things are dangerous, prevented from doing.

But it isn’t me. It’s just behavior. How dare you stereotype me based on the previous mes. Just because other Toxes from the past have preferred and done and thought the things they did, you think you can just assume that I, Tox right now, think and behave the same way? That’s terribly prejudicial of you.

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