Rihanna is for Girls

Rihanna is mistaken, or she’s with some passive loser.

From Rude Boy: “Tonight I’mma let you be the captain Tonight I’mma let you do your thing, yeah Tonight I’mma let you be a rider Giddy up Giddy up Giddy up, babe”

There’s you’re problem. I’mma let you is your problem.

Don’t get me wrong. Consent, etc. Also, I get that what she want want wants is what you want want want, so in the short term, there’s no problem. Giddy up and so forth (if you is big enough).

But if you’re getting all excited because she’s gonna do you a favor and let you be a rider or whatever, then you really should be in the market for someone who want want wants what you want want want as a matter of course, and not so infrequently as to warrant a special serenade regarding how it will be given stronger and how you’ll be able to go a little longer. (Wrap it up box, etc.)

Gentlemen, don’t date a Rihanna. Are you excited to be let out of your cage? Lap it up, loser.

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