For great justice

Fly Korean Air, obviously.

Butbutbutbutwait, you might say. These are unfair hiring practices! You don’t need to be a hot chick to give people a can of Diet Pepsi, do you? No… and you also don’t need to be one to sell lingerie or work at a gentlemen’s club… oh wait, you do need to be a hot chick to do those things… at least if you want to get paid. Also, who are you to tell me who I can and can’t hire, and why? Let’s imagine you’re correct, that I don’t need to restrict my flight attendant hiring choices to only hot females… then your airline can hire all the not-hot applicants, at a lower rate (since I’m limiting my pool of applicants … to people that have more job opportunities… why would that be?), and you can price your plane tickets cheaper and drive me out of business, or at least make a lot of money taking market share from me.

Of course, this is absurd, and people that favor restricting hiring practices know it. A person’s credentials and skills are certainly a part of the considerations that an employer would make, but gender, overall attractiveness, skin color, and age are also considerations. Get over it. I assure you the employers have, and they’re making up reasons not to hire your grandpa.

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