Content Liberation

Sam Diaz at (HT Radley Balko):

The problem among mainstream media has been its attempt to hang on to its old school ways of doing business. It’s a new world out there and the news media is hardly the first industry to be impacted by it.

This is one small blip in the larger wake-up call to the AP and traditional news outlets. If you’re going to set up rules for making sure no one uses your content without paying you for it, you should probably be prepared to open your checkbook if you’re going to use someone else’s content, too. The rules should work both ways.

Or you could be a bit more friendly and maybe start coming up with a less-rigid form of content sharing while you’re also brainstorming some new business models.

These days are dying, and so is the Associated Press. Google (and ABC, NBC, and CBS) have a business model built on giving things away and charging advertisers for the opportunity to access their “clients.” The idea that you’re gonna bill people to read things you’ve written in an age where bloggers would sell their souls for views is absurd.

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