Discrimination is bad business

The women of The Daily Show:

The idea that [Daily Show host Jon Stewart] would risk compromising his show’s quality by hiring or firing someone based on anything but ability, or by booking guests based on anything but subject matter, is simply ludicrous.

Yet the opposite of this idea is posited by proponents of affirmative action and laws opposing discrimination all the time. Indeed, there could be no other basis for the assertion but that people are willing to harm not only their victims, but also themselves in engaging in discriminatory practices.

Is it conceivable that Stewart is sexist? Of course it is. And just because being a sexist is bad business doesn’t mean he isn’t. People are often irrational.

The upshot here is that people need to either trust that Stewart is aware that being a bigot is bad business and conclude that he must not be one. Alternatively, people can just leave it alone. Stewart can make bad business decisions if he wants to… Comedy Central doesn’t have to broadcast his show, and you don’t have to watch it. Most importantly, women don’t have to work there.

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