Bad Ideas

Here’s Half Sigma on how to “save our country’s future “:

The reason why U.S. job growth is so anemic is because the job growth is happening in China, India, the Philippines, and anywhere else where there are people who will work for a fraction of the cost of a U.S. worker.

This usually results in a classic discussion. How much value does a worker produce, and how much is he paid? For many jobs in the US, the value produced is below the minimum wage. For this reason, people are employed in the countries HS mentions because the value vs. wage is positive for employers.

You’d think this would be followed up with something about how to address the disparity in wages, but no.

This is not going to change.

Hmm. Okay.

The only way to prevent unemployment from increasing year after year until we reach Great Depression levels is to cut off all immigration.

Driving up the cost of domestic manufacturing by making inexpensive labor scarce, which will further encourage foreign employment.

Just because I subscribe doesn’t mean I agree, etc.

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